Water Distribution Network

We offer permanent metering for water distribution networks in towns, cities, suburbs etc. aimed at leakage and NRW reduction. Highly accurate low velocity measurements with 3G / GPRS communications are available to facilitate your water monitoring needs.

With wide range of sensor technology in our arsenal, we are able to address many different challenges faced in typical distribution networks like partial flows in gravity lines, very low flows caused due to leakages and night time flows. Bulk flows to the cities from source can be measured and continuously monitored to assess and mitigate any abnormality in water supply. Continuous flow and pressure data can be logged in the Central SCADA to record and recognize patterns in water supply duration, consumption over a period of time, even generate reports for area-wise consumptions, peak consumption duration over a specified interval of time.

We also provide battery powered permanent meters for remote locations, where accessibility is a problem.