Global competency as a system integrator. We work with multiple leading solution providers of metering and systems to provide cost effective and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers as needed.


NIVUS provide products in the areas of flow and level measurement, SCADA and telecontrol solutions. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of flow and level measurement systems we constantly develop our products further and hence provide a wide range of new products. This is why we have the right solution for each application. Apart from flow meters featuring integrated hydraulic discharge models for portable and non-portable use we develop measurement systems, which can be installed quick and easy. We systematically extend our product portfolio and so we directly take your individual needs into account.

With NIVUS range of ultrasonic and radar sensors, we can measure flow in practically any condition. i.e. fully/partially flowing pipes. Open channels, streams or canals. NIVUS also provide level measurement using non-contact ultrasonic or hydrostatic measurement. NIVUS offer a wide range of flow sensors for all applications. For example, there is a NIS insertion pipe sensor for the flow measurement in clean water and slightly polluted water. Depending on accuracy demands we offer single path up to 8 path systems. Our flow meters are suited for different kind of applications. Among these are potable water, hydro power, cooling water, surface water, process water and waste water.

NIVUS also has a patented Cross-Correlation technology with 16 layers of measurement to their cap. In this measurement technology, reflection from the particles are recorded and stored in the microprocessor, which is then compared with the next snapshot of the particles taken. The two images thus obtained, are compared against each other and the velocity is calculated based on the shift of the particles, thus providing a better average velocity measurement, compared to the conventional Doppler form of measurement and also flow profile measurement.

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European-based fast-growing company and niche leader in the hydrology radar and sensor industry, serving clients in over 50+ countries worldwide. They develops instruments that use non-contact radar technology to measure water level and water flow focusing on municipal water, industrial water and smart cities applications.



Blue Siren Inc. designs, develops and manufactures low power wireless data collection machines, sensors, and optical devices. Blue Siren technology is used to set up remote monitoring networks for environmental studies, security, transportation, energy and government. A young innovative company with over 20 years experience. Blue Siren’s Portable and Permanent Wireless Flow – Level Monitoring Platforms are made in the Melbourne Florida USA.

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