Canal Irrigation

Open Channel Area-Velocity Flow Meters help quantify the volumes discharged through canals and open channels such as STP Headworks without need of special weir or flume construction. With wide variety of sensor options, appropriate cost-effective, robust and reliable monitoring solutions can be provided.

Bi-directional measurement of flows through irrigation canals, open channels, suitable for projects like linking of rivers. We provide site based solutions, depending on our assessment of the conditions. For clean water applications, we can provide transit time based solutions with level measurement, to account for partially flowing conduits or open free flowing channels.

Encounter sedimentation and particle presence in the media? We have apt solution for this as well.

Patented Cross-correlation technology by Nivus GmbH provides 16 layers of measurement over vertical plane to not only measure accurately but also enabling us to map flow profile as per real time conditions. Cross-correlation is a principle based on advanced Doppler technology, wherein the ultrasound reflections from the particles are processed to arrive at the velocity of the flowing medium. Flow rate is then calculated based on the channel/ pipe profile programmed in to the transmitter.

State-of-the-art transmitter provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to program the site conditions, thus helping us with the most accurate measurement. The transmitter also support fieldbus protocols like Modbus TCP/IP, RS-485, and Ethernet to transmit data to the Central SCADA systems. Field inputs in the form of 4-20mA can also be directly wired to the flow meter.