Water Audit & Meter Verification

Water is an essential commodity, especially in the present scenario, where we face severe drought conditions in many parts of our country. Need of the hour is therefore, efficient management of water resources. There is a rising need to measure and quantify cost-effectively and bench mark present position. Only by measuring do we conserve and control our depleting water resources. Our losses or unaccounted water is very significant.

AuM provides water audit and meter verification solutions for various industries, viz. Steel, Hydro & Thermal power, Water, Food & Beverage, and Municipality etc. This can be part of an audit package or random verification checks for functionality of the existing meters. We also recommend suitable technology to measure flows, if existing solutions are not up to the customers’ expectations. Real time plant/utility consumption can also be monitored with the help of concurrent measurements at key locations. This will give a good understanding of the water dynamics in the present infrastructure. With the help of such study, any mitigatory step can be undertaken with due cognisance.

In addition to measuring water consumption, our water audits can also help find out any issue with the pipe condition or pumping efficiency which may prevent achieving desired output, causing poor energy efficiency. With our portable, calibrated and good quality ultrasonic instruments, we can cross-verify existing flowmeter installations and check their performance. We are able to cater to different site conditions like open channel measurement, full and partial pipe flows, with different measuring technologies.