Industrial Automation Solutions

AuM offers cost-effective, high quality engineering solutions leveraging technology for Industrial Automation.

We help provide integrated operations for easy management of all business functions, which include supervision of O&M with KPIs, reliable central O&M platform for all users with access using standard web browsers. We maximize automation to minimize operations manpower. Our daily, weekly and monthly reports are automatically generated for overview of operations, abnormal conditions and equipment failures. Leverage technology to receive and manage real time data base, alarm handling, historian, archiving and web support functions.

We are a Recognized System Integrator of eWON. The services that we provide with eWON products are:

  1. Remote Access for OEMs to facilitate remote troubleshooting of their machines and equipment through a secure VPN over the Internet.
  2. Remote Data online for accessing SCADA and also troubleshoot over the extranet, for plants and industries to monitor their units over a secure VPN
  3. Remote Data collection, storage and to push the information in HTTP, FTP or e-mail to the Central Server for monitoring by the management. For further details, visit

We also cater to SCADA requirements for plant monitoring. We represent Nivus SCADA called “NICOS 2.0”.NICOS 2.0 is a web based SCADA for monitoring and documentation of processes in centralised and decentralised facilities. Thanks to its modular structure, NICOS is suitable both for smaller and large decentralised process landscapes.

Benefits with NICOS 2.0:

  • Maximum operational efficiency through best possible processing of information and highest usability.
  • Easy process automation.
  • Modular structure for individual systems.
  • Worldwide access thanks to web and cloud technology.
  • Transparent processes.
  • Easy connection to external/third-party systems.
  • Easy integration of existing processes.
  • Comfortable and easy data management.
  • Individual recording and process control.
  • Special functions for water industry.
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Nicos 2.0